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Vegge, T.; Andreasen, A.; Schrøder Pedersen, A., Rational design of new materials for energy storage. In: Technologies for sustainable energy development in the long term. Proceedings. Risø international energy conference, Risø (DK), 23-25 May 2005. Sønderberg Petersen, L. ; Larsen, H. (eds.), Risø National Laboratory (DK). Systems Analysis Department; Risø National Laboratory (DK). Information Service Department. Risø-R-1517(EN) (2005) p. 105-115
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Vegge, T.; Andreasen, A.; Pedersen, A.S., Integrated design of novel hydrogen and ammonia storage systems. In: Advanced materials for energy conversion 3. TMS annual meeting 2006, San Antonio, TX (US), 12-16 Mar 2006. Chandra, D.; Petrovic, J.; Bautista, R.; Imam, A. (eds.), (TMS, Warrendale, PA, 2006) p. 157-168.


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