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Fedora 12. Probably the best GNU/Linux distro in the world?

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I have recently installed Fedora 12 on my computer (laptop). I have used Linux for many years, and my best experience has been with Debian derived systems like Debian itself, Ubuntu and Mint, so far. However, when I started out using Linux it was on RedHat 6.2, although I jumped the RedHat wagon after 8.0. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good time now to see the current state of the RedHat upstream development.
To jump to the conclusion rigth away, I really like Fedora 12. To be more specific:

  1. Installation was very easy just as easy as Ubuntu, in my opinion
  2. Very good and professional documentation
  3. The amount of scientific packages is very good. Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib is included. Other useful apps: Xmgrace/Grace, Octave, DX, R, hdf5, maxima, paraview
  4. The Gnome NetworkManager comes with good stuff preinstalled e.g. vpnc (Cisco VPN client) and for some reason it seems to connect to my home router faster than on Ubuntu/Mint. Although this is only a subjective impression.
  5. Eclipse comes with many useful plugins e.g. pydev, valgrind. Unfortunately the eclipse sql explorer plugin is not one of them. However, installation is easy,
  6. Compiz works very well. It has caused me some trouble to make it work on OpenSUSE 11
  7. Gnote instead of Tomboy. I have never been a fan of .Net/Mono. Again this is my personal opinion
  8. The default configuration of Gnome is good, and pleasant
  9. YUM is very easy to use. Very much like APT. The yum history command is very useful

In order to get a full installation, even with applications such as Adobe Reader, VLC, Google Earth, Google Picasa, Skype, RealPlayer, I can recommend to go through the step-by-step guide on HowtoForge. It is extremely useful. Cadeau!

However, I have found a few things I do not like so much about Fedora 12, which has pushed me towards CentOS 5.4 instead

  • For some reason when resuming from suspend/hibernate Xorg crashed leaving me with a new gdm login screen leading to a blank desktop with all my apps gone (Intel MobileGMA 965). I haven’t found a fix, according to the mailinglists/bugzilla the issue should have been resolved (but obviously its not). Works out of the box in CentOS.
  • Couldn’t find a way to get CPU throttling to work i.e. the “On demand” mode. Whenever trying to force this mode I was always reverted to “Performance” i.e. full speed. No problem for workstation doing heavy calculations all the time, but for a laptop it’s really a nive feature. This works out of the box in CentOS.

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Written by aandreasen

December 5, 2009 at 8:35 pm

Posted in Computers, GNU/Linux, Python

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