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Paper accepted for upcoming CIMAC congress in Bergen

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I have co-authored a paper entitled “TWO-STROKE ENGINE EMISSION REDUCTION
TECHNOLOGY: STATE-OF-THE-ART” in collaboration with my colleagues Michael Finch Pedersen and Stefan Mayer from the Process Development Department, Marine Low-Speed, MAN Diesel in Copenhagen. The paper has just been accepted for publication for the 2010 CIMAC congress held in Bergen, Norway, and will be presented by Michael Finch Pedersen at the congress on Tuesday 15th of June in the afternoon after 15.30 in Room B (according to the preliminary programme).

In the paper we present recent results on reducing the emission of pollutants from large two-stroke marine engines. We focus on primary methods, i.e. emission reductions obtained by in-cylinder methods in order to suppress emission formation. The methods presented are retrofit of fuel atomizers, water-in-fuel emulsion (WIF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a combination of WIF and EGR.


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