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Things I hate about my HTC Tattoo

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For the last year my cell phone has been a HTC Tattoo. It is my first smart phone and I bought after some considerations, mainly due to the following features:

  • Relatively affordable price
  • Small size
  • The ability to synchronize with my company Exchange account via the ActiveSync
  • VPN connection ability
  • Wireless networking

It tuned out that I got only 3 out of 5 or maybe 3.5 on good day. Here it is. VPN should work, however not with Cisco IPSec. Some have reported that on a rooted Tattoo you can load the kernel module to allow vpnc to work. I am yet to take the plunge and root my Tattoo.

Exchange sync works to some extent. I can read mail and update my calender, but for some strange reason I have not managed to send mail via my Exchange account, or download attachments for that matter.

In addition to these shortcomings the below issues are

  • slow CPU
  • Android lock-in to an ancient android version (1.6) , HTC Sense is part of the explanation.
  • Poor battery capacity (this applies to most smartphones I guess)
  • Completely impossible to read anything on the screen outdoor in sunshine.
  • Too small screen size. It is very difficult to use the soft keyboard. The number of typos is just too high.

I am considering a new Samsung galaxy S Google phone, due to the vanilla android which should enable android updating without delays for GUI customization. On the other hand I find the iphone 4 very appealing also, but I dislike the “Apple lock-in” and their desire to make decisions limiting the freedom of the user/customer.


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May 30, 2011 at 8:54 pm

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