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Where to publish non-physics preprints? or where to find a chemistry preprint server without the like endorsement system?

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A good friend, and former follow graduate student, and I recently finished a scientific manuscript we have been working for some years now. Since we are both out of academia, and busy with other things, putting an article into peer review is not our top priority at the moment. Nevertheless, we would still like the world (or at least a few people) know about our work, and also secure our intellectual property, by not letting others publish the exact same ideas. We came up with the idea of publishing it on a pre-print server, and then time should tell if we would submit to a peer-reviewed journal. The best known (physics) pre-print server is the hosted by Cornell University Library. Although our work probably could be classified into some subtopic physics category, strictly speaking, chemistry would  be more appropriate, chemical kinetics and catalysis to be more accurate. Furthermore, the endorsement system used by is also frustrating, to put it mildly. Once you’re out of research it seems very difficult to get endorsement. I consider my scientific network to be quite broad and large, however I do not know a single soul who can endorse me. Thus, seemed out of the question. Then, where to find a chemistry pre-print server with a less strict endorsement system? It turns out that Nature has started their own pre-print service known as Nature precedings, and they are embracing chemistry. Thank you.  So now our manuscript is public available. As a note to those wanting to publish physics preprints without endorsement (and chemistry as well), the so-called (arxiv reversed) is an option. However, I have not been able to really judge the quality of the content being published. Well to be honest the same goes to Nature precedings, but since Nature Scientific Publishing is behind, it sounds better in my ears.


Written by aandreasen

July 10, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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